"The Farmhouse"

Our cottage 100 years ago was the blacksmith's house. People came with their horses to get new horseshoes. They talked of course about weather, drank a cup of tea or a glass of "hot whisky" and they enjoyed the heat in front of the fireplace. But what is it like today?

The forge doesn't exist any more and the old cottage got two more rooms 40 years ago. Behind the house you see the BEARA MOUNTAINS (Miskish Mountain) and in front of the house you see the KENMARE RIVER, a part of the Atlantic Ocean, and far away on the other side of the KENMARE RIVER you see the mountains of the KERRY- and DINGLE PENINSULA.

It's a family-friendly house with a sauna and a big conservatory in front of the house. It's amazing beautiful to sit in the "glasshouse", when it's raining or at dull weather. You enjoy sights and warmth and the feeling of being outside.

The house accommodates up to 7 persons. Both houses are on the same plot of land in the middle of green meadows - ideal for children.

There is not much noise besides the "moos of cows" and the "baas of sheep". Of course there are some nice neighbours not far away. The house is not situated "at the end of the world" - and therefore you don't have to fear being lonely at all.

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Updated on 11/09/2013